Monday, April 26, 2010

Where can you buy clove oil for toothaches?

I have had a toothache for 3 days in a row now, and it won't go away. I was told to try using clove oil. Where can I buy that?Where can you buy clove oil for toothaches?
Your local drugstore should carry it.Where can you buy clove oil for toothaches?
i sufferd wit a tooth ache,no medication or painkillers had effect 4 3wks.i came across clove oil!it wrk wondrs i used it evry 5mins.wen d dentist finally touchd my tooth he said tat d clove oil was aftr burning away my gum,d pain was undescribable 4 2wks aftr pullin d tooth! painful?DONT OVER USE!! Report Abuse

Clove oil is AMAZING! Sooths the pain without numbing your mouth. It can be found at pharmacies but for some reason not Walgreens pharmacy. Be aware, as with anything, over use will cause more harm then good. Every few hours should do the trick. Report Abuse

Whole Foods Co-Op or something like it.
If you can't find clove oil, try Oragel. It works better than clove oil
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    1. Clove oil is aphrodisiac in nature and hence serves as an excellent stress reliever. It has a stimulating effect on the mind and removes mental exhaustion and fatigue. When taken internally, in appropriate amounts, it refreshes the mind. Clove oil also induces sleep and is helpful to insomnia patients. It is useful for treating mental problems such as loss of memory, depression and anxiety.

      Clove oil when mixed with salt, and applied on the forehead, gives a cooling effect and helps in getting relief from headache.

      The clove tree is an evergreen that grows to a height ranging from 8–12 m, having large leaves and sanguine flowers in numerous groups of terminal clusters. The flower buds are at first of a pale color and gradually become green, after which they develop into a bright red, when they are ready for collecting. Cloves are harvested when 1.5–2 cm long, and consist of a long calyx, terminating in four spreading sepals, and four unopened petals which form a small ball in the center.

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